Searching for an opponent

Imaginary points

Each signed ship provides you with a certain amount of Imaginary points. These Imaginary points are not affected by ship upgrades, total amount of signed ships or anything else. Information for each ship Imaginary Points you can see in the table below:

Name IPoints Name IPoints Name IPoints
Scout 3 Rogue Fighter 3 Nox Darth 2
Cruiser 12 Interceptor 8 Nemesis 3
Guardian 11 Schieldbot 13 Absorber 6
Battlecruiser 33 Space Armada 28 Ghost 22
Destroyer 77 Goliath 72 Hornet 44
Bomber 50 Bomberbot 45 Sporethrower 47
DeathStar 1864 Titan 1637 Queen Nox 852

Searching for an opponent

The registration for the current round in the Arena ends every time in :00 local time (game time). Then the game starts looking for suitable opponent to each player based on players' Imaginary points and only in his League.

At first the game is looking for opponents in the range +/- 10% of your Imaginary points, then +/- 20% of your Imaginary points and last +/- 30% of your Imaginary points. If no opponent is found after the third search, your ships are sent back to your planet without engaging in battle.

If an opponent is found you engage in Arena Battle.

Updated: 2015-07-08

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