Admiral Equipment


You can equip your Admiral with special equipment items and increase your fleet Attack, Life and Speed. Admiral equipment can be several types:

  • Head
  • Body
  • Legs
  • Implant
  • Hand

Each piece of equipment can have up to three bonuses depending on its type. Please note that these bonuses could be either all different or similar. For example you can have equipment item with two bonuses for attack and one bonus for speed, also you can have equipment item with full three bonuses for speed.

Equipment types

There are three equipment types:

  • Common (white) - can have up to 1 bonus for equipment item.
  • Rare (green) - can have up to 2 bonuses for equipment item.
  • Ultimate (purple) - can have up to 3 bonuses for equipment item.


Elements are the components of each equipment item.

How to get Elements?

  • While collecting Gas and Scrap on Astroploatation flights.
  • While winning Battle Points on Attack flights.
  • While winning Upgrade points on Renegade Attack flights.
  • While stealing more than 1,000 resources on Pirate flights.
  • While collecting Scrap on Recycle flights.
  • Elements can also be purchased.

You can see your Elements amount just under your Admiral image in the Admiral menu.


The initial crafting allows you to create Common equipment items. It costs 500 elements for each equipment item. When you have several Common items you can use them in the generator to create higher type items or just exchange them for another Common item.

  • Each 3 items from the same type used in the generator will craft another item from the same type.
  • Each 5 items from the same type used in the generator will craft a higher type item.

This crafting process cost 250 elements and the used items are consumed.

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