Arena Overview


The Galaxy Arena is a mighty place for cross-universe battles with the opportunity to test your strategies against thousands of new players.

Arena Rounds

A new round in the Arena starts every time in :45 local time (game time) and registrations are opened. When the new round starts you are free to sign up your ships for Arena battle.

Each Arena round lasts 1 hour.

You need to have war ships of at least 2,000 population on one of your planets to sign up for the Arena battle.

Registration window is opened 15 minutes.

Once you sign up your ships at the Arena they are not available on this planet anymore until the Arena round is over and your ships are returned. Please have in mind that your ships will be on your planet before the round is over.

When you sign up your ships at the Arena they still occupy the same hangar.

Even the registration is closed, the Arena round will start.

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