Renegade Espionage

Basic Information

Renegade Espionage flights are conducted in order to gather information about current Tier and Template of the Renegade you want to attack. They can only be carried out by Spy ships: Spy probe / Spybot / Nox mind.

Why spying Renegades is important?

After you send espionage to a renegade in the galaxy you will get a Spy report.

  • This spy report will give you information how strong is the Renegade, what kind of ships it has.
  • This information will help you to organize your fleet to get maximum Upgrade points after you send Attack to this Renegade.

Note thatRenegade Espionage flight is different type espionage flight than the basic one that you send to other players. The spie didn't stick on the Renegade position. It only flyis - get the information and return.LimitationsYou cannot send Renegade Espionage flight from your Team planet.

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