Military buildings


Military buildings are located at the planet Military zone. They are used for constructing of units, upgrading of ships, researching of sciences and managing your alliance.

Military buildings Confederation, Terteths, Noxis


Each Planet can have only one shipyard. Upgrading the building reduces the time for construction of all ships and defense units by 5% per level and allows the development of more powerful ones.

Laboratory, Experimental facility, Overmind

Here you can research sciences and construct stronger ships and defences.


  • Factory, Construction yard, Mutation Cocoon at level 1

Starport, Stargate, Space channel

At this building you can upgrade your ships.

Government, Regulator palace, Hive

This political building is required to run and manage your alliance and Team planet.


The Bank is a large financial institution the sole purpose of which is to generate profit. In the process of becoming richer, the Bank might actually be useful to you, too by giving you a loan of resources. This is done by pawning Credits.

The Bank will agree to give you a loan of 100 resource for each Total point you have. The bank has an effectiveness based on the Bank’s level, starting at 50% at level 1 and going up to 100% at level 10 (see table below). Keep in mind that the effectiveness of the Bank is also calculated when determining the maximum allowed resources to be borrowed. When a loan is taken out, another can’t be taken until the previous one is repaid.

For example:

A player has 250 Total points and a level 1 Bank. The maximum allowed resources are calculated as follows: 250 * 100 * 50% (Total points * 100 * effectiveness) = 12 500

If the Bank was at level 10, its effectiveness would have been 100% and the maximum of Resources would have been 25 000.

When borrowing you can decide how you will distribute the maximum allowed to borrow, among resource types. In other words, when 100 000 resource is allowed to be borrowed you can borrow 100 000 of a single resource type or distribute the 100 000 among the 3 resource types as you please.

This loan, of course, requires Credits to be pawned as guarantee that you will return the resources. For every 1000 resource borrowed 1 Credit is required as guarantee. For a loan of 105 000 resource (total), 105 Credits are needed.

There is interest (resources) on every loan:

  • If the loan is returned in 7 days, the interest is 10% and all credits are returned!
  • If the loan is returned in 8 to 14 days, the interest is 20% and all credits are returned!
  • If the loan is returned in 15 to 21 days, the interest is 30% and all credits are returned!
  • If the loan is returned in 22 to 28 days, the interest is 40% and all credits are returned!
  • If the loan is not returned in 28 days, the loan status of this planet is being reset (which means that a brand new loan can be taken there) and no credits are returned (all consumed by the Bank)!

Also one player can take up to 1 loan per planet, without the possibility to return it from another planet directly.

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