Industrial buildings


Industrial buildings are located at the planet Industrial zone. They are used to improve some your planet in some way. Here you can increase the storage capacity for your resources, speed the construction of your ships and defences, increase the production of your resource buildings and trande resources or ships with the other players.

Industrial buildings Confederation, Terteths, Noxis

Factory, Construction yard, Mutation cocoon

These buildings produce the cheapest and most reliable kind of workers - robots. They can be assigned to work on the production of the Economic resources, this gives a bonus on the production of the resources. Robots are distributed between Metal, Minerals and Gas production. Each level of the buildings gives an additional robot.

In addition to producing robots, these buildings shortens the time needed for the construction of buildings. The higher the level of the Factory, Construction yard or Mutation cocoon, the shorter the time needed for construction.

Terteth facility (2), Hypermutation cocoon

The Terteth facilities and the Hypermutation cocoon reduces the time needed for construction of ships and defense. With every level, the reduction in time becomes larger. In addition every level of this building add 2 more robots to the Factory, Construction yard or Mutation cocoon.


  • Factory, Construction yard, Mutation cocoon at level 10

Metal storage, Metal depot, Metal chamber

These buildings increase the Metal storage capacity for your planet.


  • Metal producing building at level 1

Minerals storage, Mineral treasury, Mineral chamber

These buildings increase the Minerals storage capacity for your planet.


  • Minerals producing building at level 1

Gas tank, Gas chamber, Gas bubble

These buildings increase the Gas storage capacity for your planet.


  • Gas producing building at level 1

Recycling plant, Junk yard, Recycling transformer

These buildings are able to process large amounts of Scrap, reaching speeds of almost 100 Scrap per second.

Each Planet can have one recycling building. Upgrading them increases their effectiveness and speed. Each level adds one more place in the queue for recycling.

  • Recycling is affected by the income percentage, which depends on the level of the buildings. This percentage determines how much resources will be recycled from a unit of Scrap.
  • It is important to note that there also is a random factor of ±5%, this means that if the Recycling plant is at level 1 (75% income) the actual percentage of resources received from recycling will be between 70% and 80%of the Scrap invested.

    For Example: If you start recycling 1000 units of Scrap you will receive from 700 to 800 units of economic resources.

  • After the Scrap is recycled into resource, the ready process can remain in the building for not more than 48 hours. After that the ready resource is been dropped (added) to the planet where the building is located.
  • Note that if your queue is full you cannot add more places until you get your ready resources.


  • Shipyard at level 5
  • Chemistry at level 6

Trade center

The Trade center is used to exchange economic resources and scrap with the other players.

  • A player can post offers, offering resources equal to the players Resource points multiplied by 100 (all offers on all the Player’s Planets combined).
  • The ratio between the offered and required resources can not exceed 1:1.5.
  • When closing an offer as seller you pay fee equal to 5% of the received resource.
  • When an offer is added, it can't be revoked in the next 6 hours. After that it can be revoked with a penalty starting from 50% at the 6th hour, gradually falling to 25% at the 15th hour and then gradually falling to 0% at the 24th hour.
  • When a player accepts an offer, he gets his part of the deal immediately. The seller has the right to withdraw his part in the next 72 hours. After that the resources will automatically be transferred to the planet where the building is.

Ship market

The Ship market is an intergalactic trade organization that manages ship trading relations between players.

  • Each player can sell their ships up to +20% of basic ship price. Resource Points that are being added or removed are calculated from the basic price.
  • When an offer is accepted, the publisher can take the resources from the offer after no less than 24 hours after it is done.
  • If they don't take them manually, the resources will be automatically added to the player’s Planet 48 hours after the first 24 hours, or 72 hours after the offer was made.
  • If a publisher decides to revoke their offer, they must pay a 20% commission on the ships.


  • Trade Center at level 5
  • Astronomy at level 5

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