Team planet


Declaring a Team planet is the act of turning one of the Alliance leader’s Planets into a Team planet and thus helping the Alliance members to achieve the Game goal.

The Team planet can be declared only by the Alliance leader. Some requirements must be meet before a Team planet can be declared:

  • There must be at least 9 Alliance members – 3 from each Race (Leader is included);
  • The Leader must have at least 2 Planets (it is impossible for the only Planet to be declared a Team planet);
  • The Leader must have Government / Regulator palace / Hive at level 10 developed on one of their Planets (no matter which one);
  • A sum of 5 000 000 Total points of the top 5 players in the Players ranking(regardless their Race and Alliance membership).

Once a Team planet has been declared it is no longer only a player’s planet, but Alliance’s. All buildings and units on this planet are lost.

Once after there is already a Team Planet it cancel the requirement for 5 000 000 total points, even these points are not reached - the other Alliances can declare their team planet.

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