For player convenience, planets’ names are shown in different colors on the Galaxy screen. More information for the different colors can be found in the Galaxy Legen just next to System coordinates.


What are the different colors:

  • Purple indicates your own Planets;
  • Red indicates that the player is within your coefficient x2 and you can attack or spy on them;
  • Green indicates that the player is not within your attack coeffitient;
  • Orange indicates that the player is inactive;
  • Blue indicates that the player is in Vacation mode;
  • Light Blue indicates that the player is in Protection mode;
  • Black indicates that the player has been punished administratively;
  • Brown indicates that the Planet is a Team planet;

On the Galaxy screen you might find the letter "R" next to a Planet position. It means that there is a Scrap field on that planet.


After 14 days of inactivity player is marked as "inactive" and can be attacked from all players.

After 30 days of inactivity player account will be deleted from the current universe and everything in it will be lost (planets, subscriptions, credits, stars).

If you login after 30 days of inactivity the system will give you new planet with random coordinates and you will start your game like newly registered.

Each player is marked in orange on his 14th day of inactivity, but if he was in Vacation Mode, he could be attacked on his 20th day of inactivity. That means - from the 14th till the 20th day (six days) his color will be orange, but you cannot attack them.

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