Sun Attack


A Sun attack is a Team flight sent from a Team planet to a Sun with the sole purpose of defeating the Sun and gaining a Crystal needed for the construction of Obelisks and the SSG.

  • An attack against a Sun takes constant time no matter what the distance is. It can be 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours in one direction depending on the speed of the universes.
  • The time needed for Sun attack is reduced by 5% for each Obelisk the Alliance has constructed.
  • The Gas for this type of flight is 50% from the usual consumption.
  • Each successful attack against a Sun has a 75% chance of giving one Crystal, for the Team planet, which has never been given to that Alliance.
  • Attacks against Suns with 0 days life has 25% chance of giving one Crystal.
  • Each Sun Attack (successful or not, there has to be a Battle) decreases the life days of the Sun by 10.


  • Suns can only be attacked from a Team planet;
  • One Team planet can attack one Sun at a time;
  • You cannot send more than 3 Sun attacks to one Sun per 24 hours.
  • You cannot send attack to Suns with 0 life day left.
  • If you attack a Sun with 1 life day left and before the battle takes place, it becomes 0 days, there is still a chance for a Crystal left there; there will be a battle between the attacking Team planet and the supporters (if any);
  • The attacking fleet must be for at least 50 000 Population;
  • In the first 48 hours after the battle only the attackers and supporters can collect the Scrap field.

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