Nemexia 4.0

Nemexia - Redemption

Brace yourself, Redemption is coming! So what's new here?

Admiral equipment

You will be able to improve your fleet stats by creating some powerful items for your Admiral.

Gathering of Elements

The Elements are the component used to craft different type of items for your Admiral. You can get Elements by finishing different missions (flights).

Items crafting

After you collect certain amount of Elements you can use them to craft new items from scratch. You can also combine three items into new one.

Equipment upgrade

There are three levels of equipment: Common, Rare and Ultimate. You need to use 5 items on the same level in order to craft a new item on next level.


Segments gathering

The Segments are components used to complete a Blueprint. They can be received by finishing different flights (missions) or by upgrading your Commander Ships. Once a Blueprint is completed it unlocks the construction of a new Commander ship.

New Commander Ships

You will be enjoying two new Commander ships with even more fantastic abilities.

Argo, using supreme alien technology this commander ship will allow you to get more Upgrade points after fighting the Renegades.

Punisher, forged in the fires of Hell this amazing commander ship will decrease all hostile armor in the battle.

Improved user interface

Minimized header

With the new version of Nemexia you will be able to minimize your header and have more space on your screen to manage your empire.

Ozone and Admiral level progress

At the header in both minimized and expanded state you will be able to see your current planet Ozone levels and also your current Admiral level progress.

Auto-drop timer

Auto-drop timer was added in the Recycling plant showing you the exact time when your recycled resources will be added to your planet.

Misc improvements


There are changes in the auction bid formula which cause a little increase in the bid values.

Scrap motivation

New option allowing you to collect your scrap with the Attack flight.

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