Arena Tournaments

Arena Tournaments

Each Arena Tournament starts at 12:00 (noon) local time (game time) in Tuesday and lasts 168 hours.

Please have in mind that the registrations for the first Arena battle in the new tournament are opened from 11:45 on Tuesday local time (game time).

When players gain Glory points during an Arena tournament they are advancing in three different Leagues.

At the end of each tournament all players Glory points are reset.


All players in Arena tournament start with 0 Glory points and in Bronze League. To reach the Silver league you need 1,500 Glory points and to enter the Gold League 4,000 Glory points.

At the end of each tournament top 10 players in each League receive reward (could be more than one).

Tournament Rewards

Rewards for top League positions in each Tournament can be different. Here is the list with the possible rewards:

  • Upgrade points;
  • Elements;
  • Credits;
  • Stars;
  • Premium account (hours);
  • Platinum account (hours);
  • Capsules for activating of Consumables;
  • Capsules for Resource purchase;
  • Capsules for activating of Space Adventure "Vicinity Exploration";
  • Legendary Admiral Item;
  • Special Planet Picture;

You can check what reward you can get in the information page of Arena Tournament menu.

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