Every player planet has a Resource zone, an Industry zone and a Military zone which allow the owner of the planet to place and develop their buildings. Team planets have three resource Zones for the players from each race, an Industry zone, a Military zone and a Galaxy zone.

Planet zones

  • Resource zone – in this Zone all resource producing buildings are developed. By developing these buildings players can increase the gaining rate of the economic resources as well as the amount of Energy and Population limit.

    The information of the income of every resource income building in the construction window includes the basic income plus active specialties, if any.

  • Industry zone – in this zone all industrial buildings are developed. By developing these buildings players can increase the space in their storages in order to store larger amounts of every economic resource. The Industry zone is the place where the player can build up also their trading buildings that enable them to sell and buy more resources and ships as well as the buildings needed for turning Scrap into economic resource.

  • Military zone – here government and military buildings are developed. By developing these buildings players can research sciences, construct ships and defence, upgrade ships and managing their alliance.

  • Galaxy zone - here can be developed the three Obelisks and constructed the Supreme Starway Gate (SSG).

Buildings by zones

Here is a list of the buildings the can be built in the three zones:

Resource zone

Confederation Terteths Noxis
Metal Mine (3) Metal Bot (3) Metal extractor (3)
Mineral Extractor (2) Mineral Bot (2) Mineral extractor (2)
Gas Refinery (2) Gas Probe (2) Gas Incubator (2)
Solar Panels Infrared Transbot Solar Absorber
Nuclear Plant Uranium Bot Uranium Absorber
Hangars Vault Nesting Grounds

Industry zone

Confederation Terteths Noxis
Factory Construction Yard Mutation Cocoon
Terteths Facility Terteths Facility Hypermutation Cocoon
Metal Storage Metal Depot Metal Chamber
Mineral Storage Mineral Treasury Mineral Chamber
Gas Tank Gas Chamber Gas Bubble
Recycling Plant Junk Yard Recycling Transformer
Trade Center Trade Center Trade Center
Ship Market Ship Market Ship Market

Military zone

Confederation Terteths Noxis
Shipyard Shipyard Shipyard
Laboratory Experimental Facility Overmind
Starport Stargate Space Channel
Government Regulator Palace Hive
Bank Bank Bank

Galaxy zone

Ultimate buildings
Obelisk of Ramses II
Obelisk of Axum
Obelisk of Luxor
Supreme Starway Gate (SSG)

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