Subscriptions services last for several hoours or several days. They apply their bonus during the chosen period. There are several types of subscriptions:

  • Specialties
  • Galactic insurance
  • Consumables

More information about each type you can find below.


Specialties are options in the game that help you develop the Planets you have in various ways. Every Specialty costs 50 Credits or 9 Stars and is active for 7 days. If you renew the specialty before it is expired - you will get 1 extra day at the same price.

Populator Specialty does not apply its bonus to Planets where the corresponding buildings have been developed to their maximum level.

Note that all Specialties activated apply their bonuses to all of your Planets.

  • Specialties do not affect the Team planet in any way.
  • Specialties can not be canceled.

Galactic insurance

Every night Random events happen to 3% of all players. Random Events may be positive or negative.

In case you don’t want to be subject to Random events you can get a Galactic Insurance, which makes you immune to all of them. Galactic Insurance protects all of a player’s Planets. The Galactic Insurance is a subscription service and costs Credits.

Positive random events

If you receive a positive random event it can:

  • increase your ships upgrade level;
  • increase your economic resource production;
  • kill all enemy spies on your planets;
  • give you 10 days or Premium account;
  • add 1 000 Ozone to your Main planet;

Negative random events

The negative random events are not so welcome because they can:

  • decrease upgrade level for one of your ships;
  • take some of your economic resources;
  • decrease a building level;
  • cancel building or upgrade in progress;

If you get Galactic Insurance before the previous one has expired, the insurance’s term will be prolonged by the amount of days you purchased.


Consumables are options in the game that help you defeat the Renegades more easy. Every Consumable costs 15 Credits and lasts 6 hours. You can renew them before they expire.Consumables are only working against attack of Renegades, they are not working against other players.

Note that all Consumables activated apply their bonuses to all of your Planets.

  • Consulables do not affect the Team planet in any way.
  • Consumables can not be canceled.

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