The Customization services allows you to personalize your account or planet in a way that you like. Some Customization services costs Credits, others are free.

There are several type of Customization services:

  • Change your nickname;
  • Colorize your nickname;
  • Choose a Planet picture;
  • Relocate your planet;
  • Choose an Alliance logo;
  • Colorize your Alliance name;

Change nickname

Every player has the option to change their nickname. Note that the nickname is the name that is seen in Rankings, Alliance, Galaxy and Profile menus, and the username is the one used to log in.

  • When a player changes their nickname, the username remains the same, i.e. this option does not change the username. Meaning that all other players will see the new nickname, but you will continue to use the original username when you log in. The username can’t be changed.
  • Every player has one free Nickname change. Every subsequent Nickname change costs 100 Credits.
  • You can change your nickname once every 7 days.

Colorize nickname

The Colorize Nickname option, allows players to select a particular color for their nickname. This colorized nickname will be displayed in the Rankings menu and in the Alliance menu (if the player has an Alliance). The change will be in force until another change is made. The option can be used as many times as the player wants.

  • Every change is free.

Planet picture

All Planets (no matter if it’s the first Planet immediately after registration or a newly colonized one) start with a default Planet picture which is randomly chosen from all free Planet pictures.

Player can change the picture of any of their planets, for free, at any time, choosing from all unlocked planet pictures in the "Edit planet" menu located on the "Planet" page.

Initially there are 5 unlocked pictures that any player can use. Apart from them there is a wide range of locked pictures which can be unlocked by paying a certain amount of Credits (5). Unlocking a picture costs Credits, changing pictures doesn’t. Once unlocked the picture remains at the player’s disposal for the account’s life time in the respective game universe, regardless of Round restarts and account restarts.

On a Team planet, each Alliance member can unlock a picture by purchasing it with Credits, but only the Alliance leader can actually change the picture of the Team planet.

Purchased Team planet pictures are lost in the next game round.

Planet relocation

This option allows players to move any Planet (of their own) to different coordinates within the same Universe. The Planet is moved along with all its buildings, ships, defense units and resources and all processes in progress (except for flights).

  • A Team planet can’t be relocated and the menu for this option is not visible when the player is on the Team planet.
  • This option can be used only once per 30 days per Planet. It costs 300 Credits.


  • The selected coordinates have to be in a Galaxy and System which are visible through the Galaxy menu;
  • There mustn’t be a Planet at the desired coordinates;
  • No Flights in progress from the particular Planet, including Spies, hidden on enemy Planets;
  • No Flights in progress to the particular Planet, including enemy Spies, hidden on the particular Planets.

After the relocation no Attack and Pirating flights can be sent from and to the particular Planet for 24 hours.

Alliance logo

Every Alliance leader can buy a logo for their Alliance. This is a subscription service and only the Alliance leader is allowed to use it.

The logo is “assembled” from a few different components, for each of them there are a few options. The Alliance leader decides how many and which of them to use. The player can use the arrows, above every component type, to set which component is to overlap which. Players buy logos to differentiate their Alliance from all others. The Alliance logo is displayed on the Alliance info screen.

  • The logo can be edited at any time, without charge (only by the Alliance leader).
  • This option is paid for with Stars. The price is 10 Stars for a period of 7 days.

The player can turn on an “auto renewal” option that automatically renews the subscription (as long as Stars are available). Buying a logo before the previous logo period is up extends its term.

Colorize Alliance name

The Colorize Alliance name option, allows the Alliance leader to select a particular color for their Alliance name. This colorized name will be displayed in the Rankings menu. The change will be in force until another change is made. The option can be used as many times as the Alliance leader wants.

  • Every change is free.

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