Arena Battles

Arena Battles

Each Arena Battle lasts 12 rounds. There is no attacker or defender, the players are just fighting with their signed ships. You can lose Resource points when you lose ships in Arena Battle, you also you can win Battle points in Arena battles if you manage to kill some of the enemy ships.

  • You can't steal resources in Arena battle. Also a scrap field is not generated.
  • You can't win Elements, Segments or Contracts in Arena battles.
  • When any of the two opponents lose ships, 50% of these dead ships are sent to Repair Center.
  • If you lose ships in Arena battle you get new special currency "Tokens", which can be used in the Repair Center instead of Credits or Resources to repair your losses.

At the end of each Arena battle you win Glory points. These Glory points are counted for special Arena Tournaments.

Arena Reports

Arena Reports are similar to the Battle reports with few exceptions:

  • Arena Reports are kept in new messages category "Arena Reports".
  • Messages containing Arena reports are kept as long as messages with normal reports.
  • Each Arena Report is kept 168 hours. For reference battle reports are kept 72 hours (if they are not saved).
  • Arena Reports can't be saved like the other reports.
  • The battle time in each Arena Report is always in CET no matter of the local time (game time).

Tokens and Glory points

Tokens and Glory points can be obtained only in Arena Battle.

  • Tokens are not lost on universe or account restart and can't be traded with other players.
  • Glory points are reset at the end of each Arena Tournament, also on account or universe restart.

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