The Deathmatch is a mode of the game which is activated when any Alliance in the Game universe constructs the SSG and the Game goal is achieved. The Players and the Alliance rankings are already determined and the winner in the current Game round is decided on.

The Deathmatch has a duration which is defined by a Game Administrator or Moderator and while in this mode the Universe speed is set to its highest value (x10), so the time needed for all processes is reduced.

This mode gives a chance to all players in the particular Universe to think about and try new battle strategies and tactics they are going to follow in the next Game round, to take advantage of options they didn’t manage to use in the particular Game round, or just to make larger battles and have fun.

After the Deathmatch is over the Game universe gets restarted and a new Game round starts from the beginning.

Round restart

The Round restart is the process of reinitializing a Game universe. A Game universe gets restarted when the Game goal is complete and the Deathmatch is over. When it is restarted almost all information is deleted. The only information about players’ accounts that is not deleted is:

  • Player nicknames;
  • Nickname color;
  • Amount of Credits;
  • Amount of Stars;
  • Platinum program progress;
  • Premium or Platinum subscriptions;
  • Specialties;
  • Galactic insurance;
  • Avatars;
  • Sitter settings; (Don't forget to remove your sitters if you don't want to be sitted in the upcoming round.)

After the restart the game is no longer in Deathmatch mode. The game starts from the beginning for all players. Each player receives new random coordinates where their first Planet (undeveloped) is placed.

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