Ships Overview


Ships are the units thanks to which players interact. Ships are sent on Flights, in which they fulfill different types of missions. Every type of ship has certain characteristics which determine how powerful, resilient, fast, etc. a ship is.

Some types of ships have requirements, which have to be fulfilled for the ship to be built:

  • Requirements like the level of the Shipyard (the Shipyard must be at least at level 1 in order for ships to be built at all) or researched level of a certain science(s).
  • Ships also require certain amounts of resources to be built, they require Economic resources but they also require another resource to be available – free Population.
  • In the case of the Race Noxis, some ships require other ships for their construction. In this case the required ship(s) mutates, into the one being built, and is (are) lost.
  • If the player cancels a ship construction process in progress, they will receive 40% to 60% of the resources, for that process, back.

Some ships have Skills, which give them special abilities. Every ship has a weapon, which is one of the three types: Laser, Ion or Plasma. Every ship has an armor, which is one of the three types: Light, Medium and Heavy. Ships can be upgraded, in order to make them better.

Construction time calculation

The construction time for every unit is calculated like this:

time_to_build = base_time_to_build*(1 - shipyard_level*5%)*(1 - terteths_facility_level*8%)

Where: base_time_to_build is Constructing time shown in the game Information pages for each unit.

Types of ships

There are 13 types of ships for each race divided in three categories:

Civilian ships

Confederation Terteths Noxis
Cargoship Cargobot Supplier
Megacargoship Big Cargobot Megasupplier
Colonyship Colonybot Settler
Recycler Tanker Recycle Drone
Spy probe Spybot Nox mind

War Ships

Confederation Terteths Noxis
Scout Rogue fighter Nox Darth
Cruiser Interceptor Nemesis
Guardian Shieldbot Absorber
Battlecruiser Space Armada Ghost
Destroyer Goliath Hornet
Bomber Bomberbot Sporethrower
Death Star Titan Queen Nox

Service ships

Confederation Terteths Noxis
Solar satellite Solar satellite Organic satellite

Civilian Ships

The civilian ships are weak ships and each ship serves a different purpose depending on players needs.

  • Transport ships (Cargoship/Cargobot/Supplier and Megacargoship/Big Cargobot/Megasupplier) are ships with large cargo and small population use, that can be used to transport resources between your planets.
  • The Colonyship/Colonybot/Settler main purpose is to colonize new planets.
  • The Recycler/Tanker/Recycle Drone is the only ship that can gather space junks after battles, these space junks are called Scrap.
  • The Spy probe/Spybot/Nox mind is small ship with significant speed that can be send to spy enemy planets.

War ships

There are seven types of war ships that are used on different stage of the game depending of your development.

  • Each ship has its own priority target and can be most efficient against it.
  • War ships (as their name predict) are used especially to interact with other players by Attacking them.
  • They can also carry some resource but their cargo is small and can't be compared with the transport ships.
  • Each batthe ship has special skill that can apply in battle. Most of them are unique and very useful.

Service ships

There is one service ship at the game it is the Solar satellite for both Confederation and Terteths and the Organic satellite for Noxis. It is a glider that serves only to gather Sun energy and process it so you can use it on your planet.

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