Nemexia 5.3

Nemexia - Latest game updates

Daily rewards updated

General update of daily rewards by days.

  • Increased Resource income;
  • Added new reward: Elements
  • Increased Premium hours;
  • Added new reward: Platinum hours
  • Added new reward: Capsules for Resource purchase
  • Added new reward: Tokens

Players online status updated

Players online status is replaced with players Activity status. You will no longer be able to see exact "Last seen" date, but general information instead. E.g. "Active less than 12 hours ago"

Players with Premium will see this general information, players without Premium will see players just as online or offline.

If player is marked as "online" this mean that he was active in the past 15 minutes.

Improved messages interface

Several of the most-common system messages have been updated to include message icon and title.

Messages and Battle report changes

Messages menu and Battle reports (Single and Team planet only) will be visible by players in Vacation mode or Ban.

Achievements update

Added one new achievement in the "Premium" category - "What's the rush?". Reward for completing this achievement - 1 premium days.

Vacation auto-start option

Option for auto-start of Vacation was added. You can enable or disable this option in the Vacation menu.

Change main planet option

New option was introduced where players will be able to change their Main planet. This option have cool-down of 240 hours.

Adviser changes

Information for completed tasks of each mission was added in the Adviser menu.

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