Achievements are small goals in the game.

  • Each achievement has certain requirements in order to be completed.
  • Some achievements has requirements to be met: certain days after the start of the round or certain amount of resource points.
  • Some achievements provide rewards: Premium days (1, 2 or 3), Capsules (Colonizer package, Conqueror package, Economy package, Expansion package, Explorer package, Miner package, Navigator package, Supplier package) or Planet pictures.
  • After fulfillment of the requirements each achievement provide Achievement points.
  • Some achievements can be finished several times in different game rounds.
  • Other achievements require progress in several game rounds in case to be finished.

Achievements are grouped into 8 categories according to their nature. The categories are:

  • Points, Social, Expand, Development, Premium, Admiral, Legendary and War;

For every X completed achievements in one game round you will receive additional reward:

  • 10 completed achievements: 5 Premium days
  • 20 completed achievements: 5 Premium days
  • 30 completed achievements: 5 Premium days
  • 40 completed achievements: 5 Premium days
  • 50 completed achievements: Legendary package

Achievement points

Finish your achievements and you will get Achievement points. These achievement points determinate your position in the Hardcore ranking.

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