Blueprints are additional requirement to construct certain Commander ships. Unlike the rest Commander ships that requires certain level of your Admiral, some Commander ships require certain Blueprint set to be completed before they can be constructed or upgraded.

Once completed the blueprint will unlock the ability to construct and upgrade this Commander ship that it represents until the end of the current game round.


Segments are the components of a blueprint. Each blueprint have 9 distinct segments.

How to get segments?

  • While collecting Gas and Scrap on Astroploatation flights.
  • While winning Battle Points on Attack flights.
  • While winning Upgrade points on Renegade Attack flights.
  • While stealing more than 1,000 resources on Pirate flights.
  • While collecting Scrap on Recycle flights.
  • While upgrading Commander ships.
  • Segments can also be purchased.

Please note that you could find duplicate segments that you can trade later for another segment.

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