Nemexia 5.2

Nemexia - Latest game updates

Premium options changes

We have added 5 new packages with Capsules in the Adventures category. Now you are able to purchase the two new Space Adventures we've added recently with discount.

We also have updated the rewards in the last Space Adventure "Expansion of the Empire", now instead of Resources this adventure will give you a chance to win Common or Rare Admiral equipment item.

The Planet relocation option has been updated, now the waiting period before you can use this option again is 10 days.

Change nickname waiting time and price have been updated too. Now you can change your Nickname every 72 hours and it will cost you only 20 credits.

There are changes in the "Speed up" option for processes. You are now able to finish for free the first 3 minutes of each process; this time is 1 minute for ultra speed universes.

Alliance and Team planet changes

All Team and Sun battles will be sent to new Messages category "Team reports".

The waiting time after leaving an alliance has been updated to 3 days for classic and speed universes and 24 hours for ultra speed universes.

One of the requirements to create Team planet is updated. The sum of 2,000,000 Total points for classic universes, 4,000,000 Total points for speed and 8,000,000 Total points for ultra speed universes.

Repair center changes

The batch size in your Repair center now has a limit of 2,100 populations. This allows you to have more batches of units to repair and these batches will be cheaper, because of the small amount of units in it.

Flights changes

From now on Commander Ship "Typhoon" is allowed to be sent on Recycle and Astroploatation flights.

Scouts/Rogues Fighters/Nox Darths are allowed to be sent on Sun Support flights with max population of 500 per flight.

All alliances will be able to send new Sun Attack if their previous Sun Attack is already coming back. No need to wait for its arrival anymore.

Players in Protection mode will not be able to send Sun Support flights anymore.

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