Exhaustible resources


Energy is an exhaustible resource. It will not increase in time like Economic resource. Without Energy, no building can be constructed.

Ways to gain energy

  • Solar converting buildings (Solar panels/Infrared transbot/Solar absorber) are the main Energy producing buildings for the three Races. In order to get more Energy, construct or upgrade these buildings.
  • Nuclear fusion buildings are the secondary Energy producing buildings for the three Races. They produce more power than the primary buildings, at a lower cosт. These buildings аре not affected by Ozone lack bonus and sun days left reductions.
  • Solar satellites are the third energy source, they produce Energy high in the Planet’s orbit. The amount of Energy produced by each one depends on the position of the Planet in the System and on the amount of Ozone left and Sun's days.

Energy is reduced by developing buildings, every level of every building (except Energy producing ones) reduces the amount of available Energy by the amount the building level requires. If you want to reduce your Energy consumption, you can do that by destroying building levels.

Amount of gained Energy

It is determinate by several factors:

  • The amount of days the Sun has left.
  • The amount of Ozone available at the particular Planet.
  • The position of the Planet in the System (for Energy gained from Solar satellites).

Planet Energy calculation

The base formula for calculating the Energy which is available for use on every Planet is:

available_energy = produced_energy - consumed_energy

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