Planet Overview


The Planet is the place where all processes occur: buildings development; units construction; ships upgrades; sciences research; all independently from other players.

Planet edit

Each player planet can be personalized from the "Edit planet" button in the Planet menu where you can choose from these three options:

  • Change planet name;
  • Change planet coordinates;
  • Change planet pictute;

Planet destruction

Planets can be destroyed if they are attacked with ships that possess the Destroy Planet skill. The odds of whether a Planet is going to be destroyed depend on the type and amount of these ships (both in the Attacker’s and the Defender’s fleet).

If the player owns only one planet it cannot be destroyed.

You cannot destroy own planets by attacking yourself.

You can destroy your planets from the "Edit planet" menu. There is limitation, you can destroy only one planet per 24 hours and you cannot destroy your main planet.

Current processes bar

Every Planet has three Zones: Resource zone; Industrial zone; Military zone.

In the Planet view, when a player opens any of the three construction zones, there is a tab displaying the time remaining to complete an activity in six categories (as seen, from left to right):

  • Building development in the Resource zone;
  • Building development in the Industry zone;
  • Building development in the Military zone;
  • Science research;
  • Ships construction;
  • Ships upgrades;

Planet position and Energy gain

A Planet’s position in the System affects the base amount of Energy each Satellite supplies.

Coordinate Energy Coordinate Energy
X:X:1 45 X:X:13 55
X:X:2 45 X:X:14 45
X:X:3 55 X:X:15 45
X:X:4 55 X:X:16 65
X:X:5 55 X:X:17 65
X:X:6 45 X:X:18 45
X:X:7 45 X:X:19 45
X:X:8 65 X:X:20 55
X:X:9 65 X:X:21 55
X:X:10 45 X:X:22 55
X:X:11 45 X:X:23 45
X:X:12 55 X:X:24 45

Please note that these base energy values are valid with Sun energy production at 100%.

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