Nemexia 4.1

Nemexia - New version

  1. Disabled buildings

    • Trade Center and Ship Market buildings have been disabled. You will no longer be able to sell resources or ships to the other players.
  2. Resource trade – NEW BUILDING

    • Resource trader will be used for exchange of your excessive resource. For a certain price you will be able to exchange instantly an economic resource or scrap for an economic resource.
    • Available only for normal planets.
  3. Units repair center – NEW BUILDING

    • If you lose units (Ships or Defence) defending one of your planets or Team planet you will be able to repair them instantly.
  4. Auction changes

    • Minimum bid for all packages have been increased.
    • Buyout population (with credits) has been considerably decreased.
  5. Player status update

    • Sitter status in Galaxy has been removed.
    • Player online status “Last seen” has been removed in Galaxy and Alliance menu.
  6. Removed services

    • Instant Building and Instant research services have been removed from the Premium menu.
  7. Speed Up - New Service

    • New service for reducing the construction or research time process by 50% of your buildings, sciences, ships, defense units and ship upgrades.
    • Available only for normal planets.
  8. Ships stats update

    • Ship's Attack-Life ratio has been changed from 1:10 to 1:3. This means that all ships have new default Life value.

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