Nemexia 5.0

Nemexia - Supremacy

The time has come to establish your supremacy.

Galaxy Arena

A mighty place for cross-universe battles with the opportunity to test your strategies against thousands of new enemies.

New arena round starts every hour in :45 local (game) time. You can dispatch your ships and wait for the game to find you an enemy. Then you engage in Arena Battle and enjoy your rewards afterwards.

More about this amazing new feature you can find in here.

Updated tournaments

All current tournaments (for collecting gas and upgrade points or stealing resources) have been updated to a brand new structure. Each tournament will be divided into three Leagues: Bronze, Silver and Gold, where top ten players of each League will receive unique rewards in the different tournaments. If you manage to reach one of the top three positions in Gold league you will also receive a Legendary Admiral Item or new unique planet picture.


All players have equal start in the Bronze league. To get in the Silver League in each tournament you need to meet certain requirements. For Arena tournament you need to collect 1,500 Glory points.

Once you advance in another League you compete for bigger rewards with the rest of the players in this League.

You will get more information about each tournament in an administrative message when the tournament starts.

Other updates

Updates in Resource Trader

  • Max trade value is increased five times;
  • Contracts drop chance is increased four times;
  • Contracts purchase price is decreased three times;

Updates in units stats

  • General stats (resource price, construction time, attack and life) are updated for all units (ships and defence) and races. Find out more in here.

Updates in Battles

  • A new general battle priority will be activated if your priority target is missing or already dead.
  • Minor change in the battle points formula. When your losses are close to these of your enemy you will get similar amount of battle points.

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