Profile Overview


From the overview of your profile you can check your current progress in the game. Your Resource, Battle, Total and Achievements points are shown next to your Admiral. On the other side you can see your current alliance and alliance logo if any.

Edit profile

From the Edit profile menu you can change your DOB and SEX (visible only for the administration). Also you can add Description which will be your Signature when other people opens your profile.

You can choose default landing page when a player opens your profile page from the Rankings. You can choose between Planets, Commander Ships, Achievements and Wall (your profile overview seen from the point of others).

At the Edit profile menu you can use or change your Avatar. It is visible when you are sending personal messages or when you are writing at the alliance in-game forum.

Using BB codes

BBCode is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in many message boards. Using BBCode in Nemexia you can style your messages and other personal and Alliance information.

You can use BB Codes when you are updating your Description/Signature or your Alliance page. Remember that if you are using several BB codes they need to be closed at the reverse order of their opening.

For example:

  • If you use: Hello, World! and you want to make the Hello bold but te World italic the correct syntax is:
    • [b]Hello, [i]World[i]![/b]; You can also use [b]Hello[/b], [i]World[i]! but then the coma and the exclamation mark will not be bold.

If you do not close your BB codes or you use them in the wrong order you risk to lose your access to your Profile page. In that case write a ticket to the Administration asking them to remove your profile description.

If you want to use a color for your text this is the correct BB code syntax:

  • [color=#XXXXXX]Some colorfull text![/color]

Note that the six X-ses should be replaced with a color HEX code. This color HEX code you can see from the Service menu, tab "Customization" in "Colorize your nickname" menu. At the bottom right there is a field showing the HEX code. From this menu you can make your colors and use the code to edit your profile.

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