Team Pirating


Piracy is the process of sending piract ships to an enemy Team planet to steal resources; it is an excellent way to gain resources for your Team planet and at the same time deprives an enemy’s Team planet from some of its. You can steal up to 1/4 of the resources present on the Team planet via Pirating.

  • The pirating fleet does not engage in Battle with the defending fleet or defense.
  • A Battle may take place only if the Defender has Scouts / Rogue fighters / Nox darths (piracy ships) in their fleet. The fight is between the Scouts/ Rogue fighters/ Nox darths, from both sides, ONLY.
  • Ship upgrades and shield bonuses apply.
  • Points are calculated as usual.
  • The Scrap appears as usual.

An incoming Pirating flight is marked in orange on the Team planet Fleets screen.

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