Sun Support


A Sun support is a fleet sent to protect a Sun from Sun Attacks sent by other players. Players will want to protect Suns in order to slow down their enemies in collecting Crystals.


  • Players can support only Suns that are under attack;
  • All players can support a Sun but only those being +/- 5 Systems away from the attacked Sun view the attack at their fleets table;
  • Players that are part of the attacking Alliance or have an Alliance policy with the attacking Alliance cannot support the Sun being attacked;
  • Each Support can remain at the Sun's coordinates for a maximum of 24 hours after the Battle has happened or the attack was recalled;
  • If the attackers recall the attack, all Supports will turn back after 24 hours but the supporters can take their ships back by clicking on the link "take back”. The Support fleet returns for the same amount of time it took it to reach the Sun;
  • Supporters cannot take their Sun support back when there are less than 10 hours to the incoming Sun attack;
  • Each supporter's fleet must be worth at least 20 000 Population;
  • The Population of all supporting fleets cannot exceed 226 008;
  • All Supports sent, are gathered in one fleet for the Battle;
  • The following ships can't be sent on a Sun support flight: Transport ships, Colonizing ships, Recycling ships, Spy probes and Pirating ships;
  • Levels of ship upgrades and sciences are equal to the highest levels of all supporters, no matter of the Population of the Supports.
  • If a supporter loses all his fleet in the battle he will receive up to 50% of his ships back.
  • Supporters take triple (x3) Battle points from the Battle and these Battle points are being distributed among all supporters according to the Population of ships they sent.
  • If there is Commander ship in the Supporting fleet the one with the highest level applies its ability.
  • The Admiral with the highest power applies its Stats and Skills on the defender side.

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