Rankings Overview


Rankings compare Players’ and Alliances’ progress in the Game universe. Players and Alliances are ranked according to Points(there are Rankings according to Resource points, Battle points, Total points, Alliance points and Achievement points).

There are four main types of rankings:

  • Players rankings - it is organized according to Total, Resource or Battle points;
  • Alliance rankings - it is organized according to Alliance points, Alliance resource points or Alliance battle points;
  • Hall of Fame - keeps an archive the top 10 players and Alliances in previous Game rounds (just before the Deathmatch begins).
  • Hardcore - it is organized according to Achievement points of the players;

Resource points

Resource points are earned by spending economic resources. For each 1000 units of resources spent, 1 Resource point is awarded. This is so regardless of the resource spent. This is valid for buildings, defense, ships, sciences, and upgrades. Whenever a ship, defense unit or building level is lost in Battle the Resource points gained by constructing the particular ship, defense unit or building level are lost.

Ships and Defense units acquired from the Auction, give resource points equal to the amount the player would have received if they were constructed at the Shipyard.

Spending resources on purchasing or upgrading your Commander ships, or upgrading your Admiral Stats won't provide you with any Resource points!

Battle points

Battle points are earned in Battles if there were any destroyed units, during this battle. Both participants in the Battle receive Battle points. The amount of Battle points depends on the Resource points lost by the enemy (lost due to lost ships and defense unit in that particular Battle).

You don't receive battle points if you attack members of your own Alliance or Inactive players.

The Battle points are calculated with one of the formulas listed below, depending on the lost Resource points:

  • The side (attacker or defender) which has lost less Resource points takes Battle points equal to:

  • The side (attacker or defender) which has lost more Resource points takes Battle points equal to:


  • X - Side with more lost Resource points;
  • Y - Side with less lost Resource points;

When the Battle finishes with a draw, the same formulas are used and the player that has lost less Resource points is considered the winner (regarding the formulas only).

Solar satellites and Organic satellites won't provide any Battle points on destruction.

When you are defending a Sun during Sun Attacks - you receive three times more battle points than usual.

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