Resources Overview


Every space empire needs resources in order to grow stronger and crush its enemies. Resources must be spent carefully if the empire is to prosper.

There are three Economic resources in Nemexia. They are used for constructing buildings, training ships and defense, for upgrades and for researching sciences.

  • The Economic resources are: Metal, Minerals and Gas. Without enough of them your empire is bound to fail.

When a certain process that requires economic resources is started and then canceled before it finishes, a portion of the invested resources is given back. Here is a list of what portion is returned for the different processes:

  • Building construction – 70% given back
  • Ship and defense unit construction – 40 - 60% given back
  • Ship upgrade – 60 - 80% given back
  • Science research – 60 - 80%
  • When the player destroys a level of one of their buildings they receive 50 - 80% of the resources invested and the Energy that the particular level requires is no longer taken.

Apart from the economic resources there are other resources, which are just as important as the economic ones:

  • Energy is used to power buildings on a Planet. Every building (except for the Energy producing ones) requires a certain amount of Energy, if there isn’t enough Energy, buildings can’t be constructed.
  • Ozone is an environmental resource, which affects the Energy production on the particular Planet.
  • Scrap is left floating in space after each Battle in which ships were destroyed.
  • Population represents the space, every ship or defense unit occupies in the Hangars.

Note that ships don't free space in the Hangars at the Planet of departure, when in flight, except for the Stationing flight which transfers the Population to the destination Planet. If there isn’t enough free Population, ships and defense units can’t be built.

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