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I. General

1. Registrations

The game Nemexia in its current form is a web-based game, located in its beta test phase of development. Registration is completely free and the only condition is that you are agreed with these rules and the Terms and Conditions of the Company, that you can find here.

2. Accounts

Every player (person) must have only one account in one gaming universe*. *A player who has 2 or 3 accounts, each in different universes, is not considered a violator of this rule.

3. Game and forum

Forum to address forum.madmoo.com is the official organ of the game Nemexia. All breaches there can be consider as violation of these rules and may result in penalties on the forum and the game.

4. Official language

Official language in the game (www.nemexia.com) and the forum (forum.madmoo.com) is English. Comments, questions and all kind of conversation should be written correctly in English if you want an answer from the Administration.

II. Prohibitions and punishments

1. Multi-accounting

1.1. Multi-accounting is registering more than one account from one player in one universe. It is strictly prohibited and the punishment is blocking all of the accounts without warning. Penalties for violation of this rule apply whether the accounts are zero or developed, the administrator is not obligated to strictly abide by this rule.

1.2. Participants who use the same computer,this category are also includes the official sitters, must be introduced by mutual sitters immediately after the registration of more than one account.

Accounts that are not mutually introduced as sitters and play from one computer are considered violators and should be punished. Players that are playing from one computer do not have the right to:

  • Replenish other accounts from the same computer with resources;
  • Send or Accept trade or ships offers from other players using this computer;
  • Provide assistance to any accounts from the same computer;
  • Participate in any coordinated action with participants from the same computer against another players;
  • Log on more than one account on the same computer simultaneously;
  • Make any flights each other *.

* An exception is made if the flight was not released (it was returned before reaching its target).

1.3. Multi-accounting is also considered when any direct or indirect actions between two or more accounts are made, such as:

  • Sending resources to a planet, where it's charged with one or more attacks;
  • Constant attacks with a small fleet to create a recycling field, which the other account collects;
  • Money resources - the passage of resources in various forms in several accounts, until they reach the main one;

Note: These are just a few examples of direct or indirect multi-accounting. For more information about playing from the same IP please take a look at the FAQ section.

2. Babysitting

Babysitting is considered for an entry into a foreign account by a person who is holding an account in Nemexia or person who is not, regardless of the duration and reasons for it. EACH and EVERY login IP, and current session information from the browser (whose record does not contradict the requirements of the law) are subject of enrollment.

Taking another account from an owner that is not using it anymore, is also considered babysitting (watching after another account). Every player can have 1 account in 1 game universe. For more information please take a look at paragraph 2, section I of this document.

2.1. Babysitting is allowed only by using the Sitting option in the game. You can read more about this in the Sitting section in the Help.

2.1.1. Every player can have up to 2 sitters.

2.1.2. Players who are sitting each other may not attack each other. After the termination of that relationship, they must wait 24 hours before the attack.

2.1.3. The owner of the account is liable to punishment for all acts of its sitters.

2.2. In all other cases babysitting is prohibited and punishable.

2.2.1. In a first violation the two accounts are blocked for a period of 24 hours without permission for attacking them. During this time they are required to contact the administration and give an explanation.

2.2.2. In a second violation the accounts are punished for a period of 10 days and a reduction of half available ships at all planets. Punished players have to contact with the administration again during the period of forced vacation and give an explanation, but the administration is not obligated to reduce this punishment. This depends on the severity of this violation and the previous violations (from any kind) of this account.

2.2.3. In a third violation the two accounts are blocked until the end of the current round.

2.3 Babysitting and looking after more than 3 accounts.

2.3.1. If the accounts are members of the same alliance, their violation can lead to a reduction of ships on the Team Planet (if there is one).

2.3.2 In case of a second violation by the players from this alliance, the punishments are increased and this can lead to a cancellation of the current round winner, if this alliance or team planet made a direct impact on the final results.

3. Exchange or accounts transfer

    1. The sale of accounts in the game is prohibited.
    1. Accounts exchange or transfer in the game is not allowed.

4. Virtual currency and services

Transfers of purchased virtual currency (credits, stars) or virtual services (Premium subscription, Platinum subscription, Specialties) within the same universe, from one universe to another, from one game version (country) to another or between different XS-Software games are not allowed.

Any such requests will be denied.

5. Bugs and Intrusion game

For bug is considered a weakness or an honest mistake in the product code, which allows the user to benefit from the game in unauthorized manner or activity and/or which prevents the server and/or software to carry out the set tasks and expected. For bug is considered and the impossible statistics like: the ships are too many for those resource points or the current resource is above the expectations for that kind of player/account.

5.1. If a player finds a bug in the game, he must immediately inform the administration. And for the use of unreported bug, the player will be punished by blocking his account to the end of the current game round.

5.2. If a player uses the reported, but unresolved bug, the player is punished with a reduction of half his current fleet on all planets, blocking of his account to the end of the current round or another punishment that the administration decides is more suitable.

5.3. In the direct (entry into a foreign account without the knowledge of the owner, ie Hacking/Stealing), indirectly (interfere with the game on a foreign account) entering of somebody else account and any malicious actions against another player or server, the offender will be punished by banning of the account for 10 days. And the hacked account will be banned too till the owner provides his ownership.

5.4. In the open way to circumvent the system in a deliberate attempt to hind the work of the server and trying to manipulate the code of the game, the offender will be punished by banning of the account till the end of the current round.

5.5. If a player involuntary use a bug or any breaches in the system, the offender will be punished by banning of his account to the end of the current round. This punishment can be reduced if the player manages to provide an explanation for his actions to the in-game Support.

Administration of the game retains the right to seek compensation in court, according to the law of the Republic of Bulgaria for damages and reimbursement of administrative costs.

6. Bots and cheats

6.1. Bots are called (automated) scripts or programs in any form, simulating activity in an account without the physical presence of the owner (automated scripts in the game itself are an exception). Using any bots is strictly prohibited and is punishable as follows: When shown using a bot from a player, the player is punished with a permanent ban of his account until the end of the game round.

6.2. Scams aimed at manipulating of the game by use of external programs and/or persons and avoiding of these rules can lead to permanent or temporary punishment of the involved players, it also can lead to a cancellation of the winners of the current round.

6.3. Repeatedly violating these rules and the standard way of functioning of the game, like deliberately creation of ghosts-accounts with only purpose of fulfilling the requirements for creation of a Team planet can lead to removing of this planet and dismissing the alliance that did it. The alliance members can be punished with banning of their accounts if the administration can provide evidence for their involvement.

7. Injection

Injecting means to support certain account with resources or other activities, with the only purpose to obtain benefit of both accounts. Injection is sending resources to another account with no apparent return. It does not only includes the simple transporting of a resource, but the following examples:

  • Sending resources to the planet, where charged with multiple attacks;
  • Attacks with a smaller fleet in order to create recycling field which a larger account collects and don't return to the attacker;
  • Аttacks with a smaller fleet in order to receive battle points in one or several accounts;
  • Coordinate flights, when one player send attack to another player and third player load the received scrap from the battle;
  • A trade like Credits-resource and vice verse is prohibited;
  • Additional ways in which a single account send resources without sending back;

7.1. It's allowed to transport harvested scrap to the owner if the amount is not more than 50 000 000.

7.2. It's allowed a single contribution from one player to another upon returning the resource within a week and explicit warning to the administrator. The limitation is 10 000 000 scrap.

7.3. All cases not listed on an exchange or assistance with resources between players are considered to be an injection.

7.3.1. At first violation the two accounts are punished for two days with stopped flights. During this time they are required to contact the administration and give an explanation. Failing this, accounts will be punished with half the fleet reduction. If they succeed explaining the penalty, their punishment will be abolished.

7.3.2. At second violation the two accounts are punished for a period of 10 days with no flights and a reduction of half of available fleet. Players have to connect with the administration during the period of forced vacation and give an explanation.

7.3.3. After regular violations the players can receive harsher punishments, as final measure all accounts included in this injection can be banned permanently.

7.4. Each of these injections that lead the game to an unnatural completion of the round can contribute to a cancellation of the winners in the current round.

8. Fair play

After accepting these rules, the player agrees to follow the good manner in the game by trying to play fair. If they break the rules by any of the examples below, the players(s) will be punished according to section II paragraph 10 of these rules. If the violation is not described in these examples the administration reserves the right to apply the best punishment that can fit the violation.

8.1. When consciously one or several players create new accounts to reach the requirements to build their Team Planet, after the team planet is created it can be removed, if the administration decide that their actions are in violation of these game rules and the accounts involved in this violation can be banned until the end of the current round.

8.2. If a player is sitting (watching after) another player’s account regardless the official Sitting* option in the game, and this sitting leads to unpleasant consequences to a third players (coordinated flights, actions), the affected player should be compensate for part of his loses and the offender should be fined. The won battle points and/or scrap will be taken without the loses of the offender returned.

The same rule applies for players using the same IP, if they participate in coordinate actions against a third players; their accounts should be punished according the multi-accounting paragraphs in these rules.

* The official sitter can watch after the owner accounts for not more than 7 days. If the owner doesn’t login with his original password in these 7 days (not even once) – both accounts should be punished for babysitting.

8.3. When consciously one or several players create new accounts with week ships, low sciences and upgrades and these accounts are used to support sun during the Sun Attack of certain Alliance or Alliances. These offenders are prohibiting of receiving round rewards. And if these abuses continue, the won crystals from these battles will be taken,

8.4. If more than X* players from the same alliance are violating these rules (Game Rules) – this alliance can be fined by removing ships/buildings or won Crystals from their Team planet during the current round.

If the violation of these rules leads to victory for this alliance – their victory will be taken and the next alliance which is closer to fulfill the requirements for achieving the game goal will be promoted as a winner.

* Where X = (Total members in the alliance) x 0,40

9. Blackmail, threats and offensive language

9.1. Any kind of blackmail and threats which are addressed to players or any kind of constant torment in the game by any kind of blackmailing, may lead to limited or unlimited by time punishment of the author of the threat. Depending on the case, this restriction may apply to the access of the game forum and/or the game access.

In any kind of misdoing the player is punished with a restriction of his account for period from 5 to 48 hours, without allowed attacks to the account or limitation of the right to sent private messages for period from 5 to 48 hours (Mute).

At second violation those restrictions can be raised to 240 hours.

9.2. Using offensive language in the game is not tolerate. Any reported violation will be punished.

Even if censorship is applied (f. e. “you ****”) to disguise any insulting words doesn’t make them less offending. All violations from this type will be processed equally.

Using URLs (links) to video sharing websites (as YouTube) which contain offending songs or band names, will be considered offending and in violation of the rules above. All offenders will be punished according to their violation’s severity.

10. Punishments

Cases of unfair play according to the rules described in section 1 to 7 will be punished, along with:

10.1. Cases of stressing or blackmailing the game team with a purpose of getting any kind of privileges ahead of all other players.

10.2. Using any kind of methods to get confidential information from the players, such as passwords, all kinds of codes and any other information that is usually restricted for that person. This includes publishing battle reports and spy reports, without the agreement of the both sides, that participated in the event.

10.3. Bending the rules for only one account for each computer/ip address using any kind of software for covering IP addresses, public proxy servers and any other method

10.4. Insulting nicks and/or avatars in the forum or game or those who stimulate players to do something (swastikas, crosses or similar).

10.5. Insults or threats from the users to the game administration, irregardless of the type, the time and the place of the insult. The team reserves it's right to take any kind of actions when decided, without any notice to the players.

10.6 Game team reserves its right to apply any of the following punishments, without any notice for the player:

  • A temporary ban for Expressions of Interest in the forum of the game;
  • A permanent ban for Expressions of Interest in the forum of the game;
  • A temporary ban on access to the forum of the game or the game itself;
  • A permanent ban on access to the forum of the game or the game itself;
  • A temporary ban on the use of messaging systems of the game (Mute)
  • A permanent ban on the use of the messaging system of the game (Mute)
  • Blocking or filtering the access to the servers that are part of the game.

Note: Question or notes regarding blocked/deactivated/deleted accounts can be sent using the support form in the game or in the forum. Rude language, insults and asking for explanation more than once will not be tolerate.

11. Charge back

A Charge back is the action of requesting the funds back after purchasing an in-game service. Charge back is strictly prohibited. The penalty for charge back is blocking the account without warning.

12. Advertisements

All kinds of advertisements in the information fields of the alliance, planets or players, also in their names under the form of text, pictures, banners, links and others is strictly forbidden.

Exception is advertising of other XS Software games.

The punishment for this kind of violation is permanently blocking of players account in this universe or in the forum and temporarily blocking of other players accounts in other universes of this version if any.

13 Sharing of administrative conversation (correspondence)

13.1. Public sharing of a conversation between the administration and player, that took place in the game support system or in personal messages, between the administrator and the player, in the game and/or the forum, will lead to a temporary blocking of the direct participant and to whom this information was shared.

13.2. For public sharing of conversation is considered posting the whole or part of this conversation in forums, blogs and applications as Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ etc.

13.3. Only after administrative approval the directly involved player can share part of this information, and only if sharing this is not against these rules or Terms and Conditions of XS Software.

13.4. The administrations reserve the right to publish internal player conversation in public, only if it is necessary to prove guilt, violation or illegal actions of the involved players or third party that lead to problematic situations in the game or in the forum.

14. Sharing of personal data for players by the administration

The administration does not have any rights to share any personal data (email addresses, IP addresses, payment and login information) for any players with third party even if they are directly involved. These several cases are exceptions:

14.1. The administration cannot share the current email address of the account even to the account owner because it is the only data that can validate the ownership of the account – this case is not an exception.

  • If by any reason the owner forgot his email address, he can post ticket in the Support system with several suggestions for his email and only if this suggestions are close to the real email the administration can decide whether to share the current email or not.

14.2. If the account owner require information for the IP addresses that are recorded in his login history, the Administrator is obligated to share this information only after confirmation of the ownership (correct email address or detailed payment information).

  • The administrator cannot share information for IP addresses with third party players, for any reason.

14.3 The administrator does not have the authority to share payment information with third party players, an exception are government institutions, banks, mobile providers and others where the administrator is obligated to share this information by law.

15. Request of information from third party players

15.1. The administrator is obligated to perform the required control after submitted report for violation from a player, but he is not obligated to share the results of these control actions.

15.2. The administrator doesn’t have the authority to confirm/deny the involvement of third party players in any coordinate actions directly connected or not to the current round in any universe.

16. Extreme measures

The systematic violation of these rules from one or several players can lead to cancellation of the winners for the current round, if the violation of these Game rules has affected the end of this round somehow, the administrator reserves the right to execute any of the punishments mentioned above.

17. Reducing of punishments

17.1. The administration reserves the right to extend or reduce the punishments mentioned above by his judgement according to previous violations of the players, also to apply punishments that are not written in here for violations that are already mentioned in this document.

17.2. If the administrator removes a punishment it is not discussable and every future bringing up of this matter can lead to punishment for the person who is discussing it.

III. Reports

1. Reporting players

Reporting a player for any violations made in the forum or in the in-game support.

1.1. In a case of unfair report from a player to another player, the accuser will be punished with the punishment valid for the reported case.

1.2. In regular report of same players with the only purpose these accounts to get “free vacation” both accounts will be banned with minimum punishment.

2. Reporting game team members

If there is a case of abuse from the game administration, a single player or group of players can request thorough check. Such request must be made public in the game forums. If a guilt is proved, the person will be removed from the game administration.

  • Applications and requests will be considered by the team only if they are written literate..

IV. Additions

1. Reconsideration of administrative decisions

Actions, performed by a moderator can be reviewed or canceled only by the same person or by a superior administrator.

Actions, performed by an administrator can not be reviewed or canceled if they are result of the rules above. Exception of this rule is when the Administrative actions are questionable.

2. Reparations

2.1. If a player has suffered from game errors/bugs or from actions from the game administration, that player will be requited.

2.2. If a player tries to bend a decision of a moderator by contacting another moderator, he will be punished by blocking of his account for the current round The exception is if that player contacts a superior administrator.

3. Objections

Any objection to unreasonable rules could lead to any of the above penalties or exclusion from the game. Depending on the degree of misconduct penalty can be extended not only to Nemexia game, but a further denial of service, including Nemexia forum. Nemexia team members agree to penalize such actions as the best of their knowledge and views.

4. Non described cases

The game administration reserves the right to punish by way that is considered as appropriate a player that has broken the rules in a way that is not described in the game rules.

4.1. In the non described cases are included evading of the standard game play like creating accounts with unrealistic statistics with purpose to influence direct or not direct to the end of the round. For more information take a look at section II paragraph 7 of the current document.

4.2. In the non described cases are included all actions of pushing (injection) with purpose to help one or several accounts, as well an alliances with direct influence to the end of the round.

V. Contributions

Contributing to the company XS Software JSCo, no matter through an SMS or in any other way, is in no way to be given back or compensated. When an account is punished for not following the current rules, the game’s staff is not obligated to move the accounts coins to a new one or to compensate the player in anyway.

An account that has contributed to the game makes him a “donor”. That is a completely volunteer act and does not obligate the staff in any way. Every contribution gives the account an amount of coins, that allow the player to use additional options for a period of time. The “donor status” doesn’t in any way give an edge to the player against the other players and also doesn’t give them the right to request compensations in any kind after the staff has punished him for a proved violation of the rules.

VI. The game Team (staff)

The staff:

  • is not responsible for any damages (no matter if connected with the game in any way) to the user as a result for his participating in the game.
  • is not responsible for any problems with the machines that support the game or the game itself.
  • keeps the right to compensate the players that have suffered from actions of the staff.
  • keeps the right to make corrections in the game and all its aspects without warning.
  • keeps the right to change these rules with previously warning the player with a message in the game or in the forum.
  • keeps the right to block the access to the game when necessary. That goes for the planned support checks just as for the accidents.

VII. Contacts

The only official contact form with the administration of the game is the in-game support. You may contact the team using the game forum forum.madmoo.com, where the team is obliged to provide answers to your request within 72 hrs for working days and 96 hrs for weekends.

VIII. Users

By a registration of an account they state that they have read these rules and agree with its content, to follow the rules and to take the punishments if the staff decides they are necessary. They obligate themselves to regularly check for changes in the rules.

Not being aware of the rules doesn’t excuse those who have broken them.

The users take responsibility for their personal information and are not to present it to any members of the staff – current or previous. If such has been presented the game’s staff is not responsible.

The rights of the game belong to XS Software JSCo www.xs-software.com.

The right of this text belongs to XS Software JSCo and its reproduction is forbidden without our written agreement.

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